Obsidian Grid Crystal Set

Obsidian Grid Crystal Set

This Crystal grid set is great as a starter kit for anyone that wants to start using crystals for healing or other purposes (charging crystals).

The Gris is carved of Black Obsidian. To clear all negativity.

Center sphere is an exquisite Peach Blossom Jade. To help clear, activate and stimulate your heart.

One petite Desert Rose. To help inspire you with heart centered thoughts

One Rainbow Fluorite Rose carving. To provide you with clarity.

One natural Turquoise Tower. To help attract tranquil energy.

One polished Angelite stone. To raise your awareness.

One carved Green Aventurine Heart. To attract luck and good fortune.

One Unique Garnet Cluster. To attract love and passion.

This combonation of stones were hand picked to help with every aspect in your life. Money, Love, Mental Clarity and calmness, Energy clearing and charging to enhance your stones energy

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